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At Maison Interactive, We understand that your brand is much more than just the logo. We know the tremendous benefits of well-executed brands and that brands are bigger than the sum of their parts – that the aesthetics, functionality, content, and imagery, all work hand-in-hand and every element should be exceptional.
We work with our clients to give consumers something worth talking about—brand content that sparks emotion, that adds value, and inspires action.
To that end, we offer affordable packages that address all your branding and marketing needs in one stop.
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Web Development

We believe the web should be an extension of our daily lives, and not a distraction from it. To this end, our mission is to make every web experience we design a delightful one. We are committed to creating joyful web experiences that provide the users with beautiful and seamless experiences . We do this by paying equal attention to both on the UX (the user experience Design ) and the UI (the User Interface Design).
We know that our brains respond differently to certain colors; we know that how long it takes a page to load affects the user’s perception of credibility; we know that certain fonts convey trust and others don’t. We also know that if visitors to your website are turned off aesthetically, you don’t stand a chance, no matter what you’re offering or how quickly you come up in Google.
Our in-house, interactive design and development team is expert at creating powerful, engaging designs, sophisticated website functionality, easy to navigate interfaces, and customized content management systems. We pay special emphasis on beautiful designs as well as the website functionality. And we ensure that all our websites adapt and respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.


Animation & Motion Graphics

Content is king but video rules the Web
Think of the most engaging video campaigns you’ve seen — you will probably remember them, because great videos are hard to forget.
Motion video is the fastest and most effective way to tell your story. Gone are the days of massive paragraphs of text. A thirty second video can replace up to ten paragraphs of copy
Video allows people to quickly and efficiently comprehend difficult information and can increase your brand visibility
Our areas of expertise include 2D & 3D animation, web videos, product explainers, TVCs, compositing, logo & title animations, video infographics and social video content.
Whether you require web videos, corporate videos, informational videos, or just great animation, Our team will expertly plan, shoot, illustrate, animate and edit your story in order to tell your story in the most effective, engaging and compelling way possible.


Projection Mapping & Interactive Installations

We like to consider ourselves, stunt-pullers, constraint-breakers and masterpiece-makers, able to create electrifying, iridescent digital experiences that get the whole world talking.
We push creative possibility to its outermost limits, breaking out of conventional formats to bring the world something new.
We use new technology as an artistic medium of expression and to create immersive environments that bring wonderment and provoke discovery through exploration.
Our team develops interactive installations for events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public spaces.
Our team is also well versed in different projection mapping techniques.
By mapping and working within the exact architectural contours of a building or space, our team can create projections that can animate entire facades. From a small scale stage set, to an 8-storey building facade, we create incredible spectacles that react to the environment in real time, and that seemingly push the realms of possibility.
Any kind of event can benefit from the addition of Projection Mapping, from product launches, to yearly meetings, to corporate award shows, to grand ballroom keynotes. Best of all, our projection mapping isn’t outside of most event budget. Our team works within your budget and manages to bring the incredible 3D effects to any size event, large or small.

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